• State: Maryland
  • Diagnosis: traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Date of injury: November 25, 2018

A photo collage of Shane HorneI started as a patient at Kennedy Krieger on January 28, 2019, just two months after my injury date. I arrived not knowing what to expect but was greeted with some great people determined to put me in the best position for recovery. Before my injury I lived a very active lifestyle and believed that level of activity wouldn’t be possible anymore. I was wrong. Therapists constantly told me about different sports and activities that Kennedy Krieger was involved in and I was happy to participate. This was huge in my recovery by helping me get my mind right. Whether it is handcycling, CrossFit, sled hockey and anything else I could get into.

Every time I have a therapy session, I can see a little more improvement. Certain muscle groups below my injury level are beginning to work.

My goals since I have started at Kennedy Krieger haven’t changed. I would love to 1) walk again and 2) live an independent and enjoyable life with my family.