If you have questions about our admissions process, please review the list below. Answers to questions that returning patients may have can be found here

New Patients

Who is an appropriate candidate for services at ICSCI?

  • Children & adults of all ages
  • Traumatic spinal cord injury
    • Complications of spinal surgery
    • Falls
    • Accidents
  • Non-traumatic spinal injury
    • Vascular events, such as arteriovenous malformation, spinal cord strokes or aortic aneurysm
    • Spinal tumors
  • Development disorders resulting in paralysis
  • Rare demyelinating diseases, such as transverse myelitis, acute flaccid myelitis, multiple sclerosis or acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • In addition, people with other rare neurologic conditions causing paralysis—such as myelopathy, neurofibromatosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral  sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease), stroke, Parkinson’s and Friedrich’s ataxia—may also be well-suited to this program.

How do you determine what level of care someone needs?

There are many factors:

  • Diagnosis
  • Age
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Date of injury
  • Medical complications
  • Availability of appointments

Therapeutic duration and frequency will be determined based on your individual evaluation results and your progress towards functional and measurable goals. This will be discussed with your primary therapist and medical provider at regular, scheduled intervals.

What initial paperwork is needed prior to scheduling an appointment?

To begin the intake process:

  • New patient questionnaire
  • Authorization for prior medical records access
  • Insurance authorization

Additional paperwork will be sent to you during the scheduling process, such as consent forms and billing estimates.

How do I request an appointment?

How do I find out if you accept my insurance?

Please discuss this with your intake care manager. We accept a wide variety of insurances and will often work with your insurer to get services approved.

Will I receive an estimate for services?

Yes, you will receive an estimate from our Care Center schedulers prior to your initial appointment.

Will staff explain health insurance coverage details to new patients?

Yes, you will receive health insurance benefit details once your new patient questionnaire and other required documents are received. One of our financial staff will call or email the coverage information. If you have additional questions, please email ICSCIInsurance@kennedykrieger.org or call 443-923-7970.

Who do I contact to pay invoices or set up payment plans?

You may call the Patient Accounting department at 443-923-1870 or send an email to Patient_Accounting@KennedyKrieger.org.

Does your facility offer financial assistance?

Kennedy Krieger Institute offers financial assistance for medically necessary care to eligible patients on a sliding scale based on financial need. The application may be obtained as detailed below.

Where are you located?


  • Inpatient 707 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Outpatient 801 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205

Maple Lawn

  • 11830 West Market Place, Suite P, Fulton, MD 20759

White Marsh/Middle River

  • 425 Williams Court, Suite 116, Middle River, MD 21220

Is there housing offered and how do I access housing accommodations?

All three locations include convenient accommodations close to the facilities

Baltimore, please be sure to ask for the Kennedy Krieger rate.
Residence Inn Baltimore at The Johns Hopkins Medical Campus
800 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21205
Ph: 443-524-8400

Book your corporate rate for Kennedy Krieger Institute here

Maple Lawn, please be sure to ask for the Kennedy Krieger rate
Residence Inn Fulton at Maple Lawn
11800 West Market Place, Fulton, Maryland, USA, 20759
Ph: 301-776-7460

Book your corporate rate for Kennedy Krieger Institute here

White Marsh, please be sure to ask for the Kennedy Krieger rate
Spring Hill Suites Baltimore White Marsh/Middle River
6110 Greenleigh Avenue, Middle River, Maryland, USA, 21220
Ph: 410-335-2112

Book your corporate rate for Kennedy Krieger Institute here

For more options, you can review a list of other local hotels, please be sure to ask for the Kennedy Krieger or Johns Hopkins rate.

Returning Patients

How do I get a prescription refilled or speak to a nurse?


  • Please call 443-923-9195
  • To fax paperwork that requires physician signature: 443-923-9208

Speak to a nurse:      

Baltimore 443-923-9195

Maple Lawn 607-205-4294 or 607-205-4362

White Marsh 607-205-4477

How do I get in touch with my therapist or physician?

  • Dr. Sadowsky 443-923-9211 (admin)
  • Dr. Cabahug 443-923-9227 (admin)
  • Dr. Recio, Janet Dean 667-205-4262 (admin)
  • Dr. Edmiston 667-205-4294 or 667-205-4362 (nursing)
  • Baltimore therapy staff office 443-923-9468
  • Maple Lawn main line 667-205-4290
  • White Marsh main line 667-205-4470

How do I get in touch with someone to change my appointment?

  • Baltimore – 443-923-9230 – choose option for scheduling
  • Maple Lawn – 443-923-2622
  • White Marsh – 443-923-7994
  • Seating clinic & Orthotics clinic – 443-923-7959

If this is a last-minute cancelation:

  • Baltimore therapy office – 443-923-9468
  • Baltimore medical – 443-923-9230 or 443-923-2621
  • Maple Lawn front desk – 667-205-4290
  • White Marsh front desk –  667-205-4470

Or, utilize MyChart to cancel your appointment or message your provider

How do I get in touch with personal training, wellness or the independent aquatics program to learn more or schedule?


Maple Lawn:

White Marsh:

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Utilize MyChart for instant access. For more information, our Medical Records department can help.