Hospital Charges

We are committed to helping you understand the costs of your child’s care.  This includes helping you understand the cost of care, as well as financial assistance that may be available.  Because every patient and care plan is unique, we encourage you to call us at 443-923-9200 or ask your scheduling associate for an accurate and personalized price estimate for your child’s care.

Hospital charges are based on the cost of providing direct patient care and include expenses for supplies, facilities, equipment, systems and related support functions necessary to provide the best clinical care and experience for our patients and families.  To help inform families about their healthcare costs, we are providing a complete list of the hospital’s standard charges for our specialized services. This is commonly referred to as the charge master. This file contains our standard charges for each service.

Charges listed on the charge master include hospital charges only. In addition, you may incur other charges from physicians and other providers separate from the hospital charges for the services listed on the charge master.  Physician or professional fees are not listed on the charge master and may be billed in addition to the hospital charge, as necessary.

Various inpatient per day charges listed on the charge master represent an all-inclusive per diem rate.  These inpatient rates represent that full component of services and supplies provided to the patient.  Itemized services, supplies other routine items are not billed individually.

Kennedy Krieger’s current hospital charge master can be accessed here in a machine readable format..

There is no standard patient or treatment.  The hospital charge master alone may not provide a complete picture of a patient’s total financial responsibility. Most patients pay significantly less than these standard charges. This is because charges do not include discounts required by government payers, negotiated with health plans, or offered to eligible patients. For the most accurate picture of your financial responsibility for services provided by Kennedy Krieger, we encourage you contact us at 443-923-9200 or ask your scheduling associate


Shoppable Services

In addition to the charge master, Kennedy Krieger provides a listing of “Shoppable Services”.  Shoppable Services are the most frequently occurring services within each program or clinic and specialty area, as well as 70 charges required by federal guidelines.  The list also includes the average billed units for services within each type of visit.

Please note that all visits are tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient, so your visit may or may not include the exact mix of specific services listed under Shoppable Services. Additionally, your visit may include more or less units of a given service based on your individual need as determined by your clinician.

Shoppable Services include both hospital charges and physician or professional charges that are typically provided as part of our services.  Physician or professional charges are labeled with the words ‘professional charge’ on the Shoppable Services list.  Charges for procedures that could also be required (radiology, lab charges, etc.) are not included in Shoppable services and may be billed in addition to the services listed.    

Kennedy Krieger’s Shoppable Services list can be accessed here.


What Will I Have to Pay?

All costs will vary based on individual patient needs. What you pay will depend on the actual care your child needs and your health plan details. We suggest that you contact your health insurance provider to determine any deductible, co-pays, co-insurance and non-covered services that you might be responsible for.  If your child does not have health insurance, please ask about our Financial Assistance Program.

We encourage you to call us for an accurate personalized estimate of your financial responsibility.  Please call us at 443-923-9200 or ask your scheduling associate.

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