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Kennedy Krieger School Programs include five schools that offer services to students with learning challenges. Students ages 5–21 receive instruction that focuses on the development of academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills through transdisciplinary, comprehensive instruction in an environment that recognizes and capitalizes on the individual strengths of each student. In addition, a full range of related services is also provided to implement each student’s individualized education program (IEP) in the least restrictive environment.

Our Campuses 

  • Kennedy Krieger School: Fairmount Campus Kindergarten - 8th Grade
    Provides comprehensive services and effective preparation to kindergarten through eighth-grade students who will be seeking a diploma or certificate at the high school level.  Students participate in a program building essential skills based on standards and curricula identified by the Maryland State Department of Education.
  • Kennedy Krieger Schools: Greenspring Campus (High School)
    Students seeking a diploma participate in a comprehensive academic program aligned to the Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum.  Students seeking a certificate of completion participate in life skills, work-based learning, and transition services.
  • Kennedy Krieger School: Greenspring Campus (LEAP Program)
    Students with complex autism spectrum disorders, ages 5-21, participate in an intensive 12-month life skills program.
  • Kennedy Krieger School: Powder Mill Campus
    Students with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorders, aged 7-21, participate in individualized instruction aligned to national standards utilizing evidence-based practices in a program based on and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.
  • Kennedy Krieger School: Southern Maryland Campus
    The Southern Maryland Campus of Kennedy Krieger School Programs serves students in grades K-8 who are working toward a high school diploma and students aged 5-21 who are seeking a certificate of completion.

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Start a Career With Kennedy Krieger School Programs

Are you looking for a job that will address the needs of students, and further your professional development? At Kennedy Krieger School Programs, our team provides special education services that address the unique needs and potential of each student. Check the links below for our current open positions. 

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NCASES Accreditation

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All five Kennedy Krieger School Programs are accredited by the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES). Accreditation is based on compliance to fifty standards covering the range of processes, procedures, and practices critical to the functioning of a special education setting.