The LEAP Program is an intensive, 12-month special education program serving students aged 5 to 21 who are more severely impaired and require a higher degree of structure and support

The current program capacity is 65 students in 10 classrooms. LEAP’s programming increases a student’s independence in communication, daily living, and functional/vocational skills, while decreasing the amount of one-to-one assistance required.

It is a functional life skills program that provides students access to the general education curriculum, referencing both the Maryland State Curriculum and the Core Learning Goals. To this end, LEAP implements evidence-based practices for students with autism when providing individualized instruction in academic and functional life skills. These methods include TEACCH, applied behavior analysis (ABA), discrete trial, pivotal response training, and picture exchange communication systems.

The program uses a combination of one-to-one and group instruction in a highly structured environment. Functional behavior assessment and individual behavioral plans address issues that interfere with learning. Related services are interwoven with the instructional program. An interdisciplinary team approach ensures that communication among all teaching, related services, and therapeutic staff occurs daily