Kennedy Krieger High School (KKHS), Career and Technology Center offers an array of job experiences outside of the classroom. Partnering with over 40 regional businesses, KKHS provides students with opportunities to use and expand the knowledge and skills they have obtained within their industry classrooms.

Work-based learning (WBL), a component of KKHS programming, includes a number of task-analyzed and progressively independent work placements that afford students authentic experience in a job directly related to their chosen industry or interest. These jobs can range from a short-term or introductory placement to a long-term, intensive work experience with formal training.

Before they begin their jobs, all students in the work-based learning program receive a formal orientation, as well as a student work manual that outlines the rules and expectations of the work-based learning program. Supervision is provided by KKHS staff specifically assigned to work-based learning. These staff members work directly with students on-campus and occasionally function as job coaches during off-campus assignments. Students may eventually work within a business or partnership setting with very limited KKHS support.