In their first year at the High School, students complete an industry survey course exploring aspects of each industry area. Students learn what types of jobs are available in these fields and what skills are needed to pursue those opportunities. During the survey course, each student's abilities and interests are assessed by the Kennedy Krieger High School (KKHS) team -- this includes observation, as well as formal and informal assessment. After completion of the survey course, the KKHS team, parents and student follow guidelines to select an industry "major" which will guide the student's career education while at KKHS. These majors may change during a student's high school career, depending on student interest, parental input and KKHS team decision.

Information Technology and Office Skills:

Students in the Information Technology cluster usually concentrate on one of two areas: the troubleshooting and maintainence of computer hardware or the use of office-based computer applications. They also focus on tasks related to the production and distribution of desktop publishing. The cluster operates a business called "Paper Trails," which offers graphic design services to Kennedy Krieger Institute departments and other organizations, as well as "Bulldog Systems," which offers technical assistance to staff and students.

Manufacturing and Construction:

Manufacturing and Construction students learn a wide variety of tasks related to building and maintenance. This cluster prepares students for careers in building trades. The career scope includes, but is not limited to: carpenters, painters, drywall hangers, roofers and mechanics. Students may work in "Bulldog Construction," completing furniture construction or repair to order, as well as working on larger products such as gazebos and ticket booths.


Students enrolled in our newest industry cluster learn the skills and requirements of careers related to agriculture and landscaping. Students work in a classroom setting, as well as in designated areas on-campus to support a greenhouse. They may operate small landscaping equipment and other tools related to agricultural trades.

Hospitality and Tourism:

Hospitality and Tourism students prepare for jobs in the hospitality and food service industry. Students learn appropriate kitchen hygiene, as well as how to manage tasks such as inventories, dish washing and food preparation. Students in this cluster work in Café James serving light breakfast and lunch fare each day. Students operate restaurant equipment and work with customers placing orders, paying for purchases and arranging deliveries.

Retail and Consumer Services:

The retail cluster prepares students for careers in stores, malls and supermarkets, as well as human services professions. Students are prepared for jobs in customer service, stock and inventory management, personnel management, data entry, marketing and sales.

Job skills needed to succeed in retail and consumer services are wide-ranging. To meet those varied skills, the school has established three student-run retail and consumer businesses. At the credit union, students master data entry, accounts payable and receivable and basic bookkeeping. Students working in the school store have the opportunity to choose products, maintain inventories and work with vendors -- in addition to handling customer requests and making sales. Finally, work in the upscale M&M Boutique teaches students how to greet customers, help them find the items they want, make sales and create displays.