Evidence shows that individuals with neurological differences in the workplace enhance internal culture and increase employee engagement. Despite this, their national unemployment rate remains high.

We want to change this dynamic.

We're proud to highlight our Neurodiversity at Work program, through which we are helping individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain meaningful employment and community engagement.  Kennedy Krieger's Neurodiversity at Work program takes a multi-faceted approach to hiring and retaining individuals of all abilities as part of the workforce. Neurodiversity at Work is a collective impact initiative designed to create and support gainful employment for individuals with disabilities, providing economic benefit for businesses and the larger community. The initiative is a person centered collaborative designed to support individuals in all facets of life, across their adult lifespan.

What is Neurodiversity?

Kennedy Krieger Institute defines neurodiversity as a broad range of neurologic differences that endow an individual with unique skills, abilities and perspectives. Embracing and respecting such differences supports equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, at home and in the community.