About the Department:

Patients and parents are allowed access to and copies of their medical records when requested under conditions set forth by Institute policy. Requests to access and receive copies of a patient's medical records are coordinated by the Health Information Management Department. This department of the Kennedy Krieger Institute is a service department staffed by individuals trained in the field of health information management.

Request Medical Record Copies:

Kennedy Krieger Institute recognizes the responsibility to maintain patient information in a confidential and secure manner. All requests for medical records must be made through the Health Information Management Department. If you would like copies of you or your child’s medical records, please contact the department at (443) 923-1825, or stop by the department’s office at 801 North Broadway to complete an authorization form to have records mailed to a designated address or picked up at a later date. Please do not come to the office with the intention of picking up copies immediately.

Medical records for minors are maintained by Kennedy Krieger Institute for seven years after the patient reaches age 18.

Request Amendment to Medical Record:

Maryland law allows the parent or patient to request an amendment (addition or other correction) to the medical record at any time. The parent or patient can request an amendment by sending a letter or completing a form designed for this purpose. The letter or form must be attached to the report and indicate the disagreement. Forms for correction and supplementation are available in the Health Information Management Department.

Please note that NO information can be deleted from the medical record. If the medical professional who entered the original record finds the parent or patient's claim to be correct, he or she may add an "addendum" to the record, but may not delete the original information.