You have the right to:

  • Be treated kindly and with respect
  • Have your questions answered in words you understand
  • Be as comfortable and pain-free as possible
  • Be safe
  • Be called the name you like
  • Know the names of the people who take care of you
  • Make your own choices whenever possible
  • Have your parent or caregiver with you as much as possible
  • Have someone speak to you in the language you know best, whenever possible
  • Have as much privacy as possible

You are responsible for:

  • Speaking with your team when you have any questions
  • Being honest
  • Letting us know when you are in pain
  • Telling us about anything that is bothering you
  • Treating staff members and others with respect
  • Following rules and guidelines
  • Keeping information about other people private—do not make video or audio recordings or take photos of other children, family members or staff members without permission
  • Leaving all valuables at home

Download Children's Rights and Responsibilities

Please contact our patient relations specialist at (443) 923-2640 or email if you have any questions or concerns about your visit.