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Securely get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your home

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Send a request to renew your medication prescriptions.

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No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results and your doctor's comments within days

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Get connected to MyChart

From a smartphone or a computer, MyChart is a secure, easy-to-use way for patients to access some of their medical information, and for parents to access important medical information for their child, at home or on the go. Whether you’re at home, on the road or at work, you can view test results, messages from doctors and key medical information. . MyChart is FREE, secure and available 24/7.

Sign up today and get connected to MyChart. To sign up, request a MyChart activation code during your next visit or request an activation code online by clicking the appropriate link below.

Logging Into MyChart

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What is MyChart?

MyChart is an online tool that provides secure access to your medical information, giving you the ability to:

  • Easily view your or your child’s outpatient diagnoses, medications, immunizations and allergies, and most lab results.
  • Request prescription renewals.
  • Securely and confidentially communicate with your or your child’s healthcare team, when appropriate.
  • Complete pre-visit questionnaires, which can then be reviewed by your or your child’s doctor, and imported right into your or your child’s official medical record at the time of your visit.
  • Grant access to MyChart to other adults (with appropriate consent).
  • Access MyChart with a single username and password.
  • Organize all of your or your child’s personal health information into one personal health record.
  • View past and future appointments, check in electronically and/or cancel existing appointments.
  • Download appointments to your calendar.

Is there a fee to use MyChart?

MyChart is a free service to our patients. The MyChart app, which houses our MyChart portal, is also available as a free download on iOS and Android.

How Do I Sign Up for MyChart?

MyChart activation codes are generally provided during your or your child’s clinic appointment at Kennedy Krieger. Please request a MyChart activation code during your next visit. Our staff will give you a MyChart activation letter with an activation code. Once you have your activation code, visit KennedyKrieger.org/MyChart and click on the New User/Sign Up Now button, then follow the instructions. You may also send an online request from our MyChart website.

Can I view my child’s health record in MyChart?

Parents or guardians can request proxy access to their children’s accounts. After we confirm that you have the legal right to access that information or that the patient consents for you to access their record, with proper authorization forms completed, proxy access will be granted.

I am over 18 years of age. Can I request my own MyChart account?

Patients 18 years of age and older may request an activation code by visiting KennedyKrieger.org/MyChart and completing the MyChart Activation Code Request form.

What should I do if some of my child’s health information is not correct?

Your MyChart information comes directly from your child’s electronic medical record at their doctor’s office. Ask the physician to correct any inaccurate information at the next office visit — your health information is reviewed and updated in your electronic medical record each time.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link beneath the password field on the sign-in page to reset your password.

I lost my activation code or it has expired or does not work. What should I do?

You can request a new MyChart activation code at your child’s next appointment or you can request one here

How secure is MyChart?

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure access codes, personal IDs, and passwords. Each person controls their own password, and the account cannot be accessed without it. MyChart uses the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology with no caching to automatically encrypt your session with MyChart. Unlike conventional email, all MyChart messaging is done while you’re securely logged on to our website.

I was logged out of MyChart. What happened?

In order to protect your privacy and the security of your information, users of MyChart will be automatically logged out if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more while you are logged into MyChart.. We recommend you log out of MyChart if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

I was locked out of MyChart. How do I get reactivated?

If you enter your password incorrectly five or more times, you’ll be locked out of your MyChart account. To have the account re-activated, contact our helpdesk at 443-923- HELP (4357).

What kind of computer or program do I need for MyChart?

You need access to a computer connected to the Internet and an up-to-date browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari). You can also access MyChart for mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet with a free download from The App Store or Google Play.