In addition to our activity-based restorative therapy program and medical clinic, the Center offers a wide range of specialized medical and therapeutic services.

Acute Intermittent Hypoxia

Acute intermittent hypoxia (AIH), where a person breathes in repeated cycles of low oxygen air (hypoxia) followed by normal oxygen air for a short periods of time, is a safe and noninvasive therapy that can be coupled with physical rehabilitation strategies to maximize effectiveness. Research shows that AIH holds tremendous promise in promoting walking, upper limb, bladder, and respiratory recovery.

Aquatic Therapy Program

Staffed by therapists who are certified in advanced aquatic techniques, this program features two state-of-the-art pools and standalone Hydroworx systems that provide a range of therapeutic treatment options, and is specially adapted for patients with paralysis. More about our Aquatic Therapy Program.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury is one of the few neurological rehabilitation centers in the country now implementing the Owen’s Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) protocol as a novel treatment tool for individuals with a spinal cord injury.

BFR uses a pneumatic cuff to restrict blood flow to the arms or legs for short bouts during a therapy session. Muscles exercised under this condition with low resistance build strength and endurance comparable to exercising with heavy weights.

Bone Density Measurements

We use dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans to prevent, detect, and treat osteoporosis and other bone health concerns.

Dry Needling

This skilled intervention stimulates trigger points, muscles, and connective tissues to help manage pain and improve movement impairments.

Emergency Preparedness

Upon request, we can work with you to develop an individualized emergency preparedness plan to assist in emergency planning. Our team provides one-on-one consultations and ongoing support to provide education and resources on the most effective plans for you and your family.

Nurse Care Management

Rely on our nurse care managers for program information, resources, and general assistance before, during and after your time in our program.

Nursing Consultation

You can meet with a nurse to discuss skin issues, bowel and bladder management.

Orthotics Services: Including Splint Fabrication & FES Clinic

Using an interdisciplinary approach, our therapists, orthotists, and medical providers work with you and your family to optimize your function through appropriate bracing.

Robotic-Assisted Therapy

Utilizing the latest technology in therapy, to promote gait training and body-weight supported locomotor training, and upper extremity improvements.

Seating Clinic

Selecting the appropriate wheelchair and seating system is important, especially if you depend on a wheelchair for mobility. This clinic helps with that process by providing comprehensive evaluations, recommendations, and fittings of wheelchairs and specialized seating systems. More about our Seating Clinic

Serial Casting

Serial casting is the process of putting on and then taking off a cast on an arm or leg for a period of several weeks. The goal is to stretch muscles to allow for better movement and range of motion over time.

Sexual Health

The topic of sexuality is one that is difficult for many people to talk about. This can be especially challenging after a spinal cord injury or related-disorder. We provide education and resources to our patients, upon request, to address intimacy and sexual health issues.

Spasticity and Paralysis Functional Restoration Clinic (SPaR)

Disorders affecting the spinal cord and brain can cause loss of upper extremity functioning and independence. This clinic improves hand grasp, pinching ability and elbow movement in patients through advanced surgical, medical and rehabilitation interventions, lessening spasticity and paralysis that are resistant to standard treatment. The clinic’s goal is to improve upper extremity functioning of individuals living with spinal cord injuries and other nervous system disorders. Learn more

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation (VM) assists functional and structural imbalances throughout the body including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. It evaluates and treats the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments. VM increases communication within the body in response to stimuli, thereby revitalizing a person and relieving symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.

Urodynamics Studies

If you have bladder concerns, a urodynamic study will assess and address bladder performance (available only to adult patients).

Wound Care and Healing

We offer an interdisciplinary approach to wound healing and services including, evaluation and assessment, individualized treatment, consultations, and education. The goal is to improve your health, wellness, and community participation by promoting both skin healing and prevention of skin breakdown.  

Beyond Therapy

Our Center offers a wide variety of services and programs to help enrich your day-to-day life and help you achieve your goals.

Social Work and Psychology Services

Adjusting to paralysis or spinal cord injury is a life-long process. When you are first injured or diagnosed, we help you deal with the loss and learn all about the injury. Our Center's social worker and psychologist will help to support you in building a life that is not just focused on the disability. Instead, you will learn how to integrate back into your community and live a meaningful, purposeful life.

Adaptive Sports Program

Adaptive sports and recreational activities can be an important tool in improving your health and quality of life by rebuilding strength, increasing independence, building self-confidence, and just having fun with others. We offer a range of programs including adaptive hand cycling, virtual and adaptive sailing, adaptive skiing, adaptive scuba diving, adaptive fishing, wheelchair lacrosse and much more. Through these activities, you can achieve goals you might have thought were impossible.

Learn more about the activities and sports offered through the Kennedy Krieger Adaptive Sports Program.

Life Through Motion Program

As part of our continuum of care, our wellness program includes gym access, group fitness classes, independent aquatics, personal training and nutrition services. Being active outside of therapy helps you build and improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and cardiovascular health. More about our Life Through Motion Wellness Program.

Peer Mentoring Program

Partnering with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, this program connects you with supportive peer mentors who understand what it's like to live with paralysis. We now offer both an Adult Peer Mentoring program for both patients and caregivers and an Adolescent Peer Mentoring program. More about our Peer Mentoring Program.

Regeneration Generation Patient Education

This monthly paralysis patient education group is open to anyone with paralysis, as well as their caregivers and family. Each month features a new topic and exciting speakers. More about our Regeneration Generation Group.

Teens Support Group

In this interactive group for teens with paralysis, you can share your experiences, gain resources and receive peer support. More about our Support Group.