Promoting Recovery and Fitness After Injury

At Kennedy Krieger Institute, our commitment to lifelong health extends beyond hospital and classroom walls. We believe that individuals of all abilities should have the opportunity to lead active, healthy and independent lives. Participation in sports and recreational activities helps make this possible. We offer a variety of both competitive and recreational programs to fit a range of abilities. Through these activities, we help children and adults achieve goals many thought were impossible.

All Kinds of Sports for All Kinds of Players

Whether through surfing, handcycling, sailing, skiing or wheelchair lacrosse,* individuals with disabilities can rebuild their strength and sense of independence while increasing body awareness, building self confidence, learning new life skills and making new friends.

All activities in the Adaptive and Rehabilitative Sports Program are supervised by experienced staff members, including recreational and physical therapists, and take into account individual needs and abilities. The program is open to current and former students and patients, as well as individuals living in the community who are interested in trying out a new activity or resuming a sport or activity they previously enjoyed. Adaptive equipment is available when necessary. Prior experience is not required to participate in any activity.