• State: Maryland
  • Diagnosis: traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Date of injury: November 15, 2016

My name is Mr. Paul Anisiobi Ifeanyi; I am 73 years old from Baltimore,
Maryland. I had an accident; I actually fell down and cracked my neck
bone (C3–C4) and was paralyzed as was diagnosed by orthopedic
doctors at University of Maryland. I was flown to Shepherd Center in
Atlanta further medical attention. I spent almost eight months there,
after which I was referred to the International Center for Spinal Cord
Injury for further medical and therapeutic measures.

Paul Anisiobi Ifeanyi

On arrival, I met quite a number of the amazing staff of the Institute,
who were working as a team with jobs complementing each other to
achieve a common goal. I was elated with the kind of reception and
services I received and am still receiving, ranging from the security to
the receptionist to the desk officer down to doctors and the therapists.

This team of professionals has contributed immensely to my healing
process through encouragement and motions. I would like to mention
but a few whose names I remembered:

• Dr. Philippines Cabahug
• Colleen Smith
• Danielle Wilt
• Rebecca Shark
• Dee Johnson

• Scott Meger
• Kelvin Carlson
• Ashley Reid
• Dennis Tom-Wigfield
• Isaiah Speller

My special thanks go to Colleen Smith for her spiritual and physical encouragement toward me throughout her physical therapy on me.

I want to say that their efforts to work on me have improved me tremendously, and I have been able to do more things independently since I came to ICSCI at Kennedy Krieger Institute. My stuffed body and nerves have also been flexed too.

My thanks go to God Almighty who has delivered me from this predicament through the staff of Kennedy Krieger Institute. My utmost goals are to walk again and do things independently. And am sure that by the special Grace of God I will achieve that soon.

Thank you so much… I love you all at ICSCI…

– Paul Anisiobi Ifeanyi