• State: Wisconsin
  • Diagnosis: transverse myelitis
  • Date of injury: March 26, 2008

Kennedy Krieger Institute is a center like nowhere else. Whenever I walk inside for therapy, regardless of the physical struggles I see in myself and others, there is joy all around me. The therapists always greet you with a smile and are genuinely excited to see you again. The atmosphere is HOPE. Even the lighting is beautiful, with the sun shining through the windows, and the paint colors on the walls help to make you feel more cheerful and optimistic.

I’ve been receiving care at Kennedy Krieger for about 12 years now, and many of the therapists feel like sisters at this point. Each year, I’m excited to give them a hug and share updates about my life and am eager to hear theirs as well. Shout-out to Brooke and Rachel for always being the support I need every time I go. They’ve made Baltimore feel like a second home. I do not know where I would be without Kennedy Krieger! THANK YOU!

Sarah Gulke