Occupational Therapy Premasters Training:

The Kennedy Krieger Institute Department of Occupational Therapy offers clinical training placements for students currently pursuing a graduate level degree in occupational therapy.  These placements provide clinical experience and typically occur in the student’s final year.  The length of the affiliation is determined by AOTA guidelines, which typically consists of a 12-week affiliation.  (an OT student typically completes two 12-week affiliations and Kennedy Krieger accepts students who are completing their 2nd Level 2 placement).

Training can occur at various sites within the Institute ( on or off-site locations) and is usually determined by an informal phone or in-person interview, typically done at least 6 months before start date.  The final placement takes into account both the student’s level of interest and the availability within the desired setting.  Some of the sites available include the following: inpatient, outpatient (on-site and satellite), Center for Autism Services, Science and Innovation, Spinal cord program (inpatient and outpatient), Feeding (inpatient and outpatient), STP- intensive day outpatient rehab, Community Rehab, Child and Family Support Program and the Kennedy Krieger schools.   Occupational therapists at Kennedy Krieger evaluate and treat children and adults with brain and spinal cord injury and musculoskeletal disorders.  Other areas include: children with Developmental Delay, ADHD, Autism and Cerebral Palsy. (to name a few.)   The student therapist will share a caseload with their supervisor.  All occupational therapists within the Kennedy Institute are licensed by the state of Maryland. Please visit the department's website to learn more.

Training Opportunities:

There are a variety of weekly training opportunities available, depending on student placement. These include daily patient and family contact, staff meetings, in-service trainings, clinical rounds and interdisciplinary trainings. Occupational therapy students are also able to gain experience by observing and shadowing many other programs within the Institute.  Some opportunities include following interdisciplinary specialty clinics like Feeding clinic, Spina Bifida clinic, Rehab clinic, Assistive Technology clinic, Seating and Positioning clinic, Splinting, Infant Neurodevelopment clinic and Oral Motor clinic. 

Application Guidelines:

A contract must be in place between Kennedy Krieger Institute and the student’s university prior to beginning a graduate level training placement in occupational therapy. Typically, the university will request a student reservation. About 6 months before start date, the student is contacted for a phone or in-person interview.  Forms are sent out to student which includes a mandatory background check.  A copy of the student’s transcript is requested and a sealed letter from the student’s Registry office is sent to the fieldwork coordinator for occupational therapy.   The prospective student will be sent out additional forms to fill out and all forms are sent to our Training Office for approval.  Usually 2-3 months prior to the student’s start date, an email will be sent to the student with supervisor’s name.  The students are encouraged to establish contact with their supervisor in order to determine specific requirements for the placement.   

Doctorate Students:

Many of the universities are switching over to a doctoral program for occupational therapy.  Additional requirements are needed for successful completion of AOTA requirements and the Institute’s training program.  Doctoral students are encouraged to contact their academic fieldwork supervisor to gather additional information from their university/college. 

For questions, please contact either Mary Lashno, MS, OTR/L (Lashno@KennedyKrieger.org) or Jennifer Mosier, MS,OTR/L (Mosier@KennedyKrieger.org) or contact the occupational therapy department at 443 923-9290.