Title of Research: Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS) neurological research and ischemic injury in the immature brain

Name of Investigator(s): Anne M. Comi, M.D.

Brief Description of Summary Research, including Goals and Objectives:

I direct the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center that facilitates research about SWS neurological impairments. These children have problems with blood to the brain, seizures and strokes. We are developing tools to aid early diagnosis and management of the neurologic impairments and have a large research database that facilitates research. We also carry out research through surveys. In the lab, we work with tissue from patients with SWS in efforts to better understand the pathology and cause of SWS.

We also work in the lab with a mouse model of stroke and ischemic seizures in the immature brain. We are pursuing studies of neuroprotection and neuroregeneration after ischemic injury.

Scope of Duties for Research Student:

Students can work with us on the different phases of clinical studies from their planning, IRB approval, data collection and analysis and reporting of results. In the lab, students can learn to section and stain mouse brains, learn mouse brain anatomy, learn to quantify the injury, do behavioral studies and learn immunohistochemistry.

Level of Student Education and Major/Discipline Desired:

Sophomore undergraduate, or graduate students with major in neuroscience and related fields preferred.