We bring together expertise in neurodevelopment, behavioral science, disability rights law and special education to provide professional learning opportunities to K-12 educators.

Ketia Stokes, an educator from Baltimore City Public Schools and previous fellow, discusses how the CILSE program has allowed her to better serve her student population and grow both personally and professionally as a leader in the school system.

Training Future Generations of Leaders in Special Education:

How do you optimize learning for children with disabilities? At Kennedy Krieger Institute, our doctors, researchers, and behavioral specialists have an unsurpassed understanding of brain development and function in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Through our advances in neuroscience and brain imaging in the last decade, we know more than ever before about memory, executive functions, language development, motor skills, and brain-behavior relationships in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. By partnering with schools and educators, we translate this knowledge into academic success for all students.

The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education provides professional learning opportunities for educators. We assist in the development of effective and evidence-based teaching practices, curricula design, learning environment design and informed educational policies so that students with neurodevelopmental disabilities can receive the best possible education.