"A Breadth and Wealth Of Expertise..."

"The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education fellowship initiative offers an exciting opportunity to share a breadth and wealth of expertise with the nation's early intervention and special education leaders. Through the power and talents of educators, children with disabilities and their families will receive a high quality, effective education."

- Marcella E. Franczkowski, M.S.
Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services, Maryland State Department of Education


"Fellows Will Be Sought After For Leadership Positions..."

"The newly developed Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education at Kennedy Krieger will develop highly skilled leaders for students with disabilities. This program thoughtfully brings together cutting edge partners that together will create a high-caliber, hands-on environment for learning. Those that complete the program will be sought after by many school systems for leadership positions in special education."

- Kim Lewis, EdD
Human Capital Officer, Baltimore City Public Schools


“Strongly Encourage Any Educational Leader…”

"My experience with the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education (CILSE) has been through my use of their products and interactions with their Fellows. In both cases, I have been repeatedly impressed by the depth of knowledge that is communicated so clearly by the Fellows. These individuals obviously bring their strong background knowledge, but have the opportunity to enhance that with research from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral science and special education. They are then provided opportunities to build their knowledge sets in ways that will dramatically and directly impact the learning environments they will return to lead. I would strongly encourage any educational leader interested in improving educational outcome for all students to apply for a fellowship at CILSE."

- Loui Lord Nelson, PhD
Education Consultant and Best-Selling Author