This study is currently recruiting until 2025.

Study Name: The Role of Executive Functions in Reading and Reading Remediation (IRB #: 00207805, Principal Investigator: Keri Rosch, Ph.D. and Co-Principal Investigator: Horowitz-Kraus Tzipi, Ph.D.)

Funding: Kennedy Krieger Institute

Description: The aim of this study is to help children with reading disabilities read faster and more accurately and to examine the effects of a reading accelerated program.

Time Commitment: One 3-hour eligibility assessment via Zoom, two half day appointments, three days a week for 8 weeks to participate in the computer reading program (20-30 minutes per day)

Compensation: Participants receive $25 for each testing session (pre- & post-), $50 for each MRI scan (pre- & post-) and $.50 for each training session with the opportunity to earn up to a total of $162, an IQ report and an MRI report.

Eligible Age Range: 8 years, 0 months and12 years, 11 months

Diagnosis: Children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders and learning difficulties

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Study Keywords: Reading study, Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, Learning Disabilities