This study is currently recruiting children and adults until 2026

Study Name: Computerized Assessment of Motor Imitation (CAMI): Advancing the Validity, Scalability and Neurophysiology of a Promising Phenotypic Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder (IRB#: 00269589, Principal Investigator: Dr. Stewart Mostofsky, M.D.)

Funding: Simons Foundation (Award #: 724867)

Description: This research study investigates a new method of identifying early symptoms of autism spectrum disorders, using a computerized assessment of motor imitation (CAMI). The CAMI method uses 2D and 3D motion-capture cameras to identify and quantify differences in imitation ability and speed. During the two half-day (4 hours) appointments, participants complete an IQ assessment, computer games assessing executive functions, movement activities assessing coordination and balance, and an imitation activity using 2D and 3D motion-capture cameras.

Time Commitment: Participation in this study requires two half-day appointments (4 hours).

Compensation: $50 per visit and an IQ report

Age Range: 6 years, 0 months through 40 years, 11 months

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Study Keywords: Autism, ASD, neurotypical