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Study Name:  Computerized Assessment of Motor Imitation (CAMI): Advancing the Validity, Scalability and Neurophysiology of a Promising Phenotypic Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Description: This research study investigates a new method of identifying biomarkers of Autism known as the Computerized Assessment of Motor Imitation (CAMI). The CAMI method uses 2D and 3D motion-capture cameras to identify and quantify motor imitation deficits. We are recruiting girls and boys with and without Autism. This process includes an eligibility screening over the phone, a diagnostic interview, computer games, paper & pencil tasks, and a dance imitation game using 2D and 3D motion-capture cameras. The study requires two half-day visits to the East Baltimore campus. For your participation, you will receive $25 per visit.

Eligibility & Criteria

IRB #: IRB00269589

Principal Investigator: Keri Rosch

Eligible Age Range: 18 - 40 years

Gender: All

Diagnosis:  Adults with and without an ASD diagnoses are eligible.

Contact Information:  Contact: Natalie Alessi,, 443-923-9254