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July 2016: Activities to Improve Supination

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The following is a list of activities to help your child improve forearm supination. These exercises focus on rotating the forearm and turning the palm of the hand away from the body. This is often a very difficult movement, so be sure to praise your child for attempting to move in this way, and provide assistance if necessary.

  • Flipping cards over while playing card games
  • Place temporary tattoos or stickers on your child’s palm or forearm. Encourage them to supinate in order to look at them and show others
  • Closing doors or cabinets with child’s palm against them
  • Grasping markers while they are in a vertical position
  • Holding onto a bottle/cup
  • Putting stickers on blocks and turning them over
  • Hide things under your child’s hand and have him/her turn it over to find it
  • Playing with magic wands
  • Using dot markers
  • Using stampers with long cylindrical shape
  • Drawing with Aquadoodle pens
  • Turning the pages of a magazine
  • Cooking (scooping & pouring ingredients)
  • Playing in a sandbox/the water (scooping and pouring sand/water)
  • Holding onto a swing while swinging
  • Holding a tray – start with an empty tray and add items to make it more challenging
  • Playing the cymbals and other instruments
  • Carrying a beach ball or latex-free balloons in neutral supination (handshake position)
  • Blowing kisses

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