Centers & Programs


Day Feeding Program

The Feeding Disorders Day Program (part of the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program) provides therapy for children with feeding disorders that require more intensive treatment than is offered through outpatient services.

Department of Family and Community Interventions

This department helps children and families affected by adverse experiences related to trauma & developmental disabilities recover and heal obtaining the support and tools necessary to reach their full potential. Through its range of trauma-informed services, the Department of Family and Community Interventions strives to provide the best possible outcomes for its clients.


The Office of Health, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (O-HEID) exists to uphold Kennedy Krieger Institute’s commitment to a culture of health, equity, diversity, and inclusion for everyone we serve.

Down Syndrome Clinic and Research Center

This center provides interdisciplinary and comprehensive evaluations and services for patients from birth to adulthood with Down syndrome. Services include those for pediatric developmental delay, complex neurodevelopmental and behavior concerns, and adolescent and adult mental health needs.