Centers & Programs


CORE Foundations at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Community, Opportunity, Respect, Employment CORE Foundations provides person-centered services that foster personal growth, promote meaningful relationships, and empower people with disabilities to achieve independence at their home, workplace and community. We develop a customized program in...

Center for Autism Services, Science and Innovation (CASSI™)

The Center for Autism Services, Science and Innovation (CASSI™, formerly known as the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, or CARD) combines research, developmental assessment, diagnosis, interventions, community outreach and training to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their families and the communities that care for them.

Center for Brain Injury Recovery

This center serves children and adolescents with rehabilitation needs caused by neurologic injury (concussion or more severe injury) or illness. Components include inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs, outpatient clinics to evaluate and address short- and long-term rehabilitation needs and follow-up services, a transitional program to aid in community reintegration, and community-based therapies.

Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress

The Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress at Kennedy Krieger Institute provides mental health evaluation and treatment services to children, adolescents and families who have experienced or may be at risk for trauma through physical or sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence and community violence.

Center for Development and Learning

This center is an outpatient medical program for the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of children and young adults who have problems in language development, attention, learning, behavior or school adjustment.

Center for Developmental Behavioral Health

The Center for Developmental Behavioral Health at Kennedy Krieger Institute aims to improve the lives of young people with mental health concerns, including disorders of development, emotion, thinking. and behavior.

Center for Genetic Muscle Disorders

This center provides individualized interdisciplinary care for children and adults with muscular dystrophy and congenital myopathy. Comprehensive care involves diagnosis and management of the disease from neurologists and rehabilitative therapists with muscle expertise. Patients receive access to novel therapies and research, and can remain in the program from childhood through adulthood.

Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education

The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education fellowship will mentor and train future leaders in special education who have an advanced understanding of learning in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, as well as expertise in applying this knowledge to school and classroom settings. Fellows of the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education will go on to develop effective teaching practices, learning methods, curricula, and informed educational policies so that children with neurodevelopmental disabilities can receive the best possible education.

Center for Leukodystrophies

The center provides comprehensive care to patients with leukodystrophies through an interdisciplinary approach. Cutting-edge technologies and techniques in neuroimaging, genomics, biomedical engineering and nanotechnology help our experts enhance the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of leukodystrophies.