Centers & Programs


Barth Syndrome Clinic

This interdisciplinary clinic is one of the few programs in the world dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with Barth syndrome. Experts from a wide range of medical specialties collaborate to provide a full range of care.

Behavior Management Clinic

This clinic assesses and treats common behavioral problems and disorders for children who have varying levels of function, including mild cognitive and speech delays. The clinic also focuses strongly on caregiver training.

Behavioral Facility

Behavioral equipment maintenance: Behavioral equipment will be cleaned with freshly made Virkon-S before each experiment and in between test subjects. At the end of each experiment the investigators will clean the apparatus with Virkon-S. Equipment should be turned off at the end of each session...

Behavioral Psychology Department

The Behavioral Psychology Department strives to help children attain and sustain adaptive, healthy positive behaviors using the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Biochemical Genetics Labs

The Genetics Laboratories provide accredited clinical tests to aid the diagnosis of patients with disorders of metabolism and/or disorders associated with intellectual disability.

Bone Disorders Program

Calling on a wide range of disciplines—including endocrinology, genetics, orthopedics, rehabilitation, neurosurgery and nutrition—this program provides comprehensive support and treatment for children and adults with complex medical and surgical issues involving metabolic and genetic bone disorders.

Brachial Plexus Clinic

This interdisciplinary outpatient clinic serves children and adults who have either birth-related or traumatic brachial plexus injuries. Each client receives comprehensive evaluation, surgical evaluation, treatment recommendations and follow-up.

Brain Injury Responsiveness Program

The Brain Injury Responsiveness Program evaluates and treats children and adolescents with a history of injury to the brain who exhibit altered arousal and/or altered ability to interact with their environment.