Centers & Programs


Infant Neurodevelopment Center

In coordination with local NICUs, this interdisciplinary clinic monitors newborns with low birth weight and other high-risk issues, including diaphragmatic hernias and microcephaly, from infancy into later childhood.

Information & Resources at MCDD

The Resource Finder is a project of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities and offers a person-centered service, helping people locate resources based on their individual needs.

Inpatient Programs

We offer inpatient care for individuals from birth to age 21, including those requiring ventilator assistance or tracheostomy tubes, for the following: Brain disorders and injuries, including low responsiveness Spinal cord disorders and injuries Medically fragile Chronic pain Feeding disorders...

Integrated Early Learning Center

The Integrated Early Learning Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute is a new and unique learning center that aims to provide a comprehensive and family-centered education to children aged 3 to 5.

International Adoption Clinic

This clinic offers pre- and post-adoption services for families. Services prepare families to care for newly adopted children and to augment care provided by the child's primary healthcare provider.

International Center for Spinal Cord Injury

The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury (ICSCI) at Kennedy Krieger Institute center helps children and adults with spinal cord injuries and paralysis caused by accidents, strokes, tumors, birth defects and other causes.