The International Adoption Clinic of Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Children's Center offers pre-and post-adoption services to families who are adopting a child either internationally or domestically.

Our services are designed to augment the care provided by the child's primary health care provider.

Pre-adoption services include:

  • Medical history review
  • Videotape review
  • Information about child's country of origin and common health problems
  • Referral to the Johns Hopkins travel medicine service
  • Medical travel kit

Post-adoption services include:

  • Developmental assessment
  • Comprehensive medical assessment
  • Laboratory evaluation and immunizations, as needed
  • Referrals to subspecialty medical or psychological services, as needed
  • Liaison with the child's primary health care provider

Professionals at Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins Children's Center provide care via a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. They tailor the child's care to the needs of the child, family and primary health care provider.

Primary Program Goals:

  • To prepare family for care of newly-adopted child, including adjustment to adoption
  • To identify, pre-adoption, potential areas of medical/developmental concern
  • To provide consultative assistance to child's primary health care provider
  • To assess, post-adoption, child's developmental level
  • To coordinate, post-adoption, medical evaluation and preventive care
  • To identify/coordinate needed subspecialty services/care
  • To make referrals for appropriate resources geared to specific needs of the child/family

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