Charles E. Silberstein, M.D., M.Sc.

Charles E. Silberstein, M.D., M.Sc.'s picture
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Phelps Center for Cerebral Palsy and Neurodevelopmental Medicine

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205

Charles E. Silberstein, MD, MSc, is an attending orthopaedic surgeon in the Phelps Center for Cerebral Palsy and Neurodevelopmental Medicine at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. He is also an associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Biographical Sketch: 

Dr. Silberstein obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1958. He then completed his internship and residency in orthopaedic surgery at the Jefferson Medical College Hospital (now the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital) in Philadelphia, PA, in 1963. From 1963 to 1964 he was a National Institute of Health post-doctoral fellow at Jefferson and received his master of science degree in 1964. After returning to Baltimore to begin his orthopaedic practice, he came under the tutelage and mentorship of Dr.Winthrop M. Phelps, founder and director of the Children's Rehabilitation Institute in Reisterstown, MD, which then was relocated to Baltimore City so as to become the Kennedy Institute. He has been associated with Kennedy Krieger Institute since its opening in 1967. From 1976 to 1978 he was chairman of the Continuing Education Committee for the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. From 1992 to 2001 he was in charge of the section of orthopaedic surgery at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Research Summary: 

Principal investigator for study of "The Reliability, Validity, and Practicality of Existing Child Health Status Instruments in Measuring the Health of Children Affected by Cerebral Palsy." Co-investigators include McCarthy, Sponseller, Harryman, Atkins, Hadley-Miller. He received a $100,000 grant from United Cerebral Palsy. 1997-2000.

Research Publications:

Pidcock FS, Fish DE, Johnson-Greene D, Borras I, McGready J, Silberstein CE (2005). Hip migration percentage in children with cerebral palsy treated with botulinum toxin type A. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 86(3), 431-5. Abstract

Other Publications:

Textbook: Surgery of the Hip (Edited by Dr. Raymond Tronzo)

Book Chapter: Management of the Hip in Cerebral Palsy

Research Grant: The Reliability, Validity and Practicality of Existing Child Health Status Instruments in Measuring the Health of Children Affected by Cerebral Palsy

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