All visitors to the center consult with Dr. Anne Comi, director of the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center. Dr. Comi provides guidance for patients and families concerning ongoing assessment and treatment of children with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS).

Symptoms of seizures and other neurological episodes, multidisciplinary considerations for people with SWS, as well as resources available to families may be among the topics discussed.

In addition to Dr. Comi, the center's staff includes several other excellent SWS specialists. Please use the checklist below to help determine which of these physician's services may be most appropriate to address your child's needs.


Anna Grossberg, MD

Infant with birthmark not yet confirmed as Port-wine birthmark by dermatologist

  • Interest in laser treatment of Port-wine birthmark
  • Port-wine birthmark that is thickening, developing nodules

Neurology (Epilepsy):

Eric Kossoff, MD and Ahmad Marashly, MD

  • Difficult-to-control seizures
  • Side effects from seizure medications
  • Interest in other methods of seizure control, including diet, vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) or neurosurgery


Henry Jampel, MD and Courtney Lynn Kraus, MD

  • Infant with facial Port-wine birthmark and uncertain about eye involvement.
  • Monitoring for glaucoma
  • Treatment of glaucoma or other Sturge-Weber eye involvement
  • Surgery for glaucoma

Medical Rehabilitation:

Stacy Suskauer, MD 

  • Difficulty with gross motor skills such as walking, running, or playing sports
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills such as writing, tying shoes, or self-feeding
  • Difficulty eating or speaking
  • Interest in therapy referrals (occupational, physical, and/or speech and language)


Andrew Zabel, MD

  • Neuropsychological evaluation to help clarify patterns of learning and behavior
  • Identifying cognitive strengths and intact abilities that can be used for treatment planning
  • Identifying cognitive weaknesses associated with visual problems, seizures, medication-side effects and brain abnormalities
  • Monitoring the child's cognitive stability over time
  • Assistance planning for child's transition from adolescence into adulthood

Teressa Reidy, OT

  • Difficulties with fine motor skills
  • Difficulties living with daily tasks
  • Difficulties with oral motor skills
  • Adaptive seating needs

Jenn Mosier, OT

Tracy Schneider, PT

  • Difficulties with gross motor skills
  • Hemiparesis