Anne M. Comi, MD

Professor of Neurology and Developmental Medicine at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Director of the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dr. Anne Comi received her medical degree at the SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine and then completed a residency in pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Buffalo and a pediatric neurology residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her clinical expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of the neurologic aspects of Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS) and other capillary malformation-related disorders. She is a physician advisor for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation and Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community and has served on the scientific advisory board of the Sturge-Weber Foundation. 

Dr. Comi's research interests center on studying the pathologic processes involved in the neurologic complications of Sturge-Weber Syndrome, including the effects of chronic hypoxia and glucose deprivation on brain tissue and neurons, as well as the interactions between seizures and impaired blood flow in the brain. A major focus of her lab is the investigation of the somatic mutation in GNAQ causing SWS and port-wine birthmarks and the development of models, screening assays and novel treatment strategies to learn how to better treat these conditions. Through both clinical and basic research, she hopes to determine novel approaches to treating, and ultimately curing, Sturge-Weber syndrome and related conditions.

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Dr. Anne Comi
Neurology and Developmental Medicine
Kennedy Krieger Institute
801 N. Broadway, 5th Floor
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