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Help Us Develop New and Better Treatments

With the recent discovery of the cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome, we have opened the door to investigating new drugs and treatments. We urgently need your support to develop and test these treatments that will radically change the lives of those living with Sturge-Weber syndrome.

Why Give to a Rare Disease?

Every gift we receive will help us advance the science of Sturge-Weber syndrome and its management, develop new treatments and serve more children with exemplary care. The impact of your generosity will be felt directly by children and their families and by the medical community that seeks to help them. 

Your gift could support:

  • Laboratory research in genetics, tissue studies, and novel drug development
  • Clinical research in new effective treatments, diagnosis, and care of patients
  • Clinical improvements in many areas, including stroke, epilepsy, dermatology and ophthalmology
  • Advocacy and education through national and international collaborations with medical institutions, foundations, and individuals.

For more information or to become more involved, please contact Jen Doyle in the Office of Phianthropy at 443-923-4324 or

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Your gift allows us to transform the lives of patients with Sturge-Weber syndrome through world-class research, clinical care, and the development of the treatments of the future.

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Help Children with Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Helpk Kids with Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Give to Sturge-Weber Syndrome research and help children enjoy fuller lives through improved diagnosis, care, and education.

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Sturge Weber Fundraising Thermometer

Hunter Nelson

Institute Discovers the Cause of Sturge-Weber

To learn more about our recent discovery View our press coverage

Dr. Comi's Updates

Dr. Comi announces research findings, posts important information, and answers questions of general interest to families living with Sturge-Weber syndrome. 


Sturge-Weber Center Events

OCTOBER 1, 2016
Tropical Realty Charity Golf Tournament

NOVEMBER 15, 2016
Holiday Boutique



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