Just when we were at the brink of giving up pursuing Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) for our adult daughter with a rare neurological disorder that affects nearly all systems of the body and causes extensive physical, intellectual, behavioral and mental health issues, we were told that Project HEAL had just started helping Kennedy Krieger patients navigate the incredibly confusing, frustrating and time-consuming process. Our case had been dragging on for years, and Project HEAL immediately identified what needed to be done. They were persistent in tracking down information and individuals that would help our case get on track (we never felt like it was on track), and moving forward. Project HEAL staff have been professional, responsive, thorough, patient and kind. Those last two qualities are especially important to people who bump up against so many challenges everyday. Thanks Project HEAL.

-St. Mary's County Parent, 2024

I am grateful for Project Heal and the representation provided by Ms. Emma. Ms. Emma provided client centered service, involving me with every aspect of the SSA disability trial process. She provided encouragement and support. Her representation went above and beyond.

Thank you Project Heal for providing much needed services to the Kennedy Krieger community.

-Baltimore City Parent, 2024

“Buenos días , usted me brindo un muy excelente servicio, estoy muy satisfecha de su buen trabajo y su profesionalismo gue me brindo a mi y hija, estoy sumamente agradecida. Muchas gracias por su buen servicio."

“You provided me with a very excellent service, I am very satisfied with your good work and your professionalism that you provided to me and my daughter, I am extremely grateful. Thank you very much for your good service.”

-Parent Baltimore County, 2024

“Thank you, Emma. I appreciate our chat the other day and for all the resources you provided. Just one week ago I felt completely lost. Now, I have a good sense of how to proceed.”

-Parent in St. Mary’s County, 2024

“Soy madre inmigrante. No comprendo el sistema educacional al 100%. Voy aprendiendo. al igual que mi hijo , Mr Tyler ha sido un angel con gran luz para alumbrar el proceso de educacion especial de la escuela de mi hijo .. nos explico , fue muy amable y sentiamos su energía positiva en todo momento , Nos sentimos enormemente agradecido con el proyecto HEAL y con el Sr Tyler , por toda la guia y sobre todo por luchar por los derechos de educacion de nuestro hijo.” -Madre del Condado de Montgomery."

-- Madre del Condado de Montgomery, 2024

“I am an immigrant mother. I do not understand the educational system 100%. I have found that, just like my son, Mr. Tyler has been an angel to illuminate the special education process at my son's school. He explained to us what was happening, he was very kind and we feel his positive energy at all times. We feel enormously grateful to the Project HEAL and to Mr. Tyler, for all the guidance and above all for fighting for our son's education rights.”

--Montgomery County Parent, 2024

“I am deeply appreciative of Tyler’s hard work and will gladly recommend Project HEAL’s services to others who may need legal assistance. Me and my family are grateful for Tyler’s diligent representation in our child's case. He is so happy in his school and his behavior significantly changed for the better. Thank you sincerely.”

--Prince George's County Parent, 2024

"Thank you for everything you did for my child and the support you gave to me. She is doing fantastic. I cannot thank you enough for being our voice when no one would listen."

--Harford County Parent, 2024

"I advocated to get the public school to meet my son’s needs, but it did not happen, so I was trying to explore and any help I could get for my son. I came across Project HEAL and luckily, I also come across Mallory. She guided me through the system and help me to place my son at an appropriate school he can benefit from.  Since then, he has met so many milestones. She got me through from A to Z and I felt that she’s part of my family. She did more than I could have imagined, and I give all my gratitude to Project HEAL, especially Mallory. Her made our life easier, especially my son’s, which is making more progress than before." 

-- Baltimore City parent, 2024

"We are first generation immigrant sisters navigating the autism world with our mom who speaks non-fluent English and you can imagine how stressful that is. We felt like the public school system ignored our concerns and took advantage of our little brother. When we found out about Project HEAL, we finally felt supported and heard about the concerns we had. They are incredibly knowledgeable about IEPs and navigating the system. We can finally say now that we feel safe and supported by his nonpublic placement and we truly feel like our concerns are heard. We truly felt like Mallory and Alyssa advocated for our brother, as if he was their own, we were always told by other doctors and therapists at Kennedy Krieger of how amazing they are and they were absolutely correct." 

-- Baltimore County parent, 2024

"Working with Project HEAL is the best decision I made for my son’s academic career! My son is finally receiving appropriate services and supports to meet his needs. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all the help I have received. It is such a great feeling to have someone on your side who cares and wants to see your child succeed just as much as you do. The IEP process can be so stressful and overwhelming. You need someone knowledgeable and well versed in the language of the IEPs to help you navigate through it all. That is what Project HEAL does and they are very good at what they do. Thank you so much Project HEAL for all you have done. I sleep very well at night knowing that my son will go into school the next day with the best accommodations. I couldn’t have gotten through this process without Project HEAL."

-- Anne Arundel County parent, 2023

"We highly recommend Project HEAL. Mr. Cochran helped us from start to finish with pure dedication and commitment. He took the time to listen and represented us to a successful resolution. Project HEAL and Mr. Cochran's services made all the difference!"

-- Calvert County parent, 2023

"Project HEAL is our HERO! My daughter is finally receiving appropriate services and supports to meet her needs. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all the help we have received. It is such a great feeling to have someone on your side who cares and wants to see your child succeed just as much as you do. Thank you Project HEAL for all you have done and all you continue to do for my daughter and others in the community!"

-- Harford County mother, 2017

"I wanted to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate your support throughout this process. I remember being so stressed the first time that I talked to you because I was worried about my daughter's education, her health, and her future. Yet, Maureen and Mallory were both attentive and genuinely interested in helping rather than just finishing the job. Because of Maureen's efforts and the support of Project HEAL, my daughter is now attending a school that meets her needs and is very satisfied. Since she started at her new school, I noticed that she's happier, and more enthusiastic. I do not have the words to express myself for what you have given to my daughter. Again, thank you for everything you have done."

-- Baltimore City mother, 2016

“I felt like I had somebody on my side. Mallory went above and beyond. She took my case personally; it wasn't just a job. She got to know my son. She talked to him like he was a person and collaborated with me to get what he needed. She was honest if there were things that were unreachable and wasn't selling me something that wasn't going to happen.”

-- Baltimore County mother, 2016

“Great progress. Mallory hit the ground running and didn't stop until she got what I wanted for my son. I think she did a great job. I wish more people knew about Project HEAL and what services they offer, because I think that if more people knew about this service more children would have great advocates and educational outcomes. Your office went above and beyond.”

-- Baltimore City mother, 2016

“I was very happy with Mallory. I felt like she really cared. Every time I see her, she always takes the time to sit down and talk to us and see how my grandson is doing. That's something that so many people need. They need to feel like someone cares; like it's not just a job to them. And that's how I feel about Mallory.“

-- Baltimore City grandmother, 2016  

"I cannot say thank you enough to the staff of Project HEAL and Maureen van Stone for helping my son. There was a time when my child was only a number to the public school system. Despite our numerous calls to the office of special education, no one wanted to hear our concerns. They literally shut their doors on us, but Mrs. van Stone fought for our child’s rights. Thanks to Project HEAL’s dedication and hard work, my son is not only doing well academically, but he is enjoying school. I can say that we’re in a better place and feel more confident about his future. Today we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once again, thank you for everything."

-- Baltimore County mother, 2016  

“I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for everything you and your staff did for our daughter and our family! You absolutely saved us at a point when I had no hope left to fight on her behalf. You have made our life 100% better!”

-- Baltimore County parent, May 2015

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your assistance, and advocating for my son. He is a completely different boy, and he has adjusted so well to his new school. His confidence level has improved. He had a conversation with me yesterday about his day and about his future. He spoke about friends and included names. He showed me his grades and he was proud of himself. I could not have done this without you. And, even toward the end, when I was having reservations, you kept me together and gave me options. Thank you so much. Because of you, and Project HEAL, I feel my son has the opportunity receive the education he needed.”

-- Howard County parent, May 2015

“Project HEAL intervened to stop the illegal practice of dismissing children with disabilities 20 minutes early each school day to access their specialized transportation services. My son and his peers now have equal access to their academic instruction.”

-- Harford County guardian, April 2014

“For the first time in seven years, my grandson is now receiving appropriate educational services from the school system. Project HEAL empowered me to advocate for my grandson, and I know the right questions to ask at future IEP meetings when an attorney isn’t with me.”

-- Worcester County grandmother, April 2014