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Center For Innovation and Leadership In Special Education

Ketia Stokes, an educator from Baltimore City Public Schools and current fellow, discusses how the CILSE program has allowed her to better serve her student population and grow both personally and professionally as a leader in the school system.

CILSE Fellowship Application

Training Future Generations of Leaders in Special Education

How do you optimize learning for children with intellectual disabilities, autism, or brain injuries? At Kennedy Krieger Institute, our doctors, researchers, and behavioral specialists have an unsurpassed understanding of brain development and function in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Through our advances in neuroscience and brain imaging in the last decade, we know more than ever before about memory, executive functions, language development, motor skills, and brain-behavior relationships in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities,and how to translate this knowledge to academic success. Kennedy Krieger is an award-winning and nationally recognized leader in special education, providing innovative models of education for children with a wide range of learning, emotional, physical, neurological, and developmental disabilities.

We are bringing together our expertise in special education, neuroscience, behavioral science, and law to offer the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education fellowship program.

Fellowship Overview 

The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education fellowship will mentor and train future leaders in special education who have an advanced understanding of learning in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, as well as expertise in applying this knowledge to school and classroom settings. Fellows of the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education will go on to develop effective teaching practices, learning methods, curricula, and informed educational policies so that children with neurodevelopmental disabilities can receive the best possible education. This fellowship builds on the success of Kennedy Krieger’s internationally recognized professional training program, which has proven highly successful in training thousands of individuals who have gone onto assume leadership positions and make substantial contributions in the field of neurodevelopmental disabilities.



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Now Accepting Applications!

The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education (CILSE) is currently accepting applications for its 2018-2019 fellowship cohort.

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Fellowship Factsheet

Center Leadership

What Leaders In The Field Are Saying About the Center

"This program thoughtfully brings together cutting edge partners that together will create a high-caliber, hands-on environment for learning. Those that complete the program will be sought after by many school systems for leadership positions in special education."
Kim Lewis, EdD