Physicians and Clinical Staff

The Moser Center provides multidisciplinary care to individuals affected by leukodystrophies. The clinical team includes several clinical specialist with expertise in various aspects of leukodystrophies. The Center also includes a clinical laboratory team, who analyze patient samples and work closely with the clinicians to help identify disease 


Dr. Ali Fatemi
Center Director


Dr. SakkuBai Naidu

Melissa Trovato

Dr. Melissa Trovato
Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation


Dr. Cristina Sadowsky
Urology and Bladder Management



Cristopher Joseph, PT
Physical Therapy


Jennifer Keller, PT
Physical Therapy


Julie Cohen, CGC
Genetic Counseling

Richard Jones, PHD
Clinical Laboratory Testing

Carol Tiffany, MS
Clinical Laboratory Testing


Lisa Kratz, PhD
Clinical Laboratory Testing

Kim Hollandsworth, RN
Registered Nurse


Emily Thomas
Clinic Coordinator

Barbara Bradford
Clinic Coordinator






Appointments & Referrals

The Search for Ellie's Cure

Doctors at the Moser Center for Leukodystrophies search for the key to curing Ellie, while keeping her symptoms at bay. 

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Legacy of Hugo Moser

Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Mission


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