During the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury is still accepting requests for appointments. We are offering both telehealth and onsite medical and therapy appointments.

When you have a spinal cord injury, life as you know it changes forever. Recovery is possible, and there is potential to make progress even years after your injury. 

Children and adults with chronic paralysis find new hope through activity-based restorative therapy at the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury (ICSCI) at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Let us help you regain some sensation, function, mobility and independence months — or years — after your diagnosis

Activity-Based Restorative Therapy

Your treatment is based on an intense program of medically supervised, activity-based restorative therapy (ABRT). Depending on your injury and progress, you may attend therapy for several hours each day, anywhere from two to five days per week.

Our team of doctors, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and spinal cord specialists work together to help you reach your maximum potential after injury. Every person and every spinal cord injury and dysfunction is different; our goal is to help you achieve the best therapeutic result or outcome that is possible for you. Some patients are able to build muscle mass, improve cardiovascular health or become healthier in general.

Here, you'll also find adaptive sports programs and support groups where you can connect with others who are living with spinal cord injuries. Our holistic treatment cares for you mind, body and soul, so you can live as normally and with as much progress as possible.

Medically Directed Therapy

At ICSCI, you will receive medically directed therapy that is unique to our program. From your first visit, through every therapy session — and even between care sessions — a physician will watch you closely and follow your progress. This personalized, medically directed approach means the best possible outcome for your recovery goals.

Restorative Recovery

A big component of your therapy at ICSCI is to find ways to restore your function and sensation in any way possible. Rather than compensating for your loss, this type of therapy aims to restore as much of your normal function as medically possible.

For some people, this may mean regaining use of their hands so they can feed themselves and write again. For others, it may mean standing up or walking again. Your progress will depend on your goals and your specific injury. Ultimately, we want to help you live as independently as you can.

Advanced Robotic Technology

The team of specialists at ICSCI relies on the most advanced robotic and innovative technologies to help you achieve your recovery goals. There are many kinds of technology and devices available for you to use during your therapy. And we are always looking for new technology so we can offer you the latest treatments.

Adult and Pediatric Outpatient Care

Most adult and pediatric therapy at the center occurs as outpatient visits. If you live locally, we recommend ongoing therapy sessions with periodic medical follow-up.

If you live farther away, we have designed an innovative two to three week intensive therapy program that may be convenient. Upon discharge you will receive a customized home rehabilitation program, which you can follow at home or with a local therapist.

Pediatric Inpatient Care

Inpatient stays are available for patients up to age 21.

If your child has an acute or chronic spinal cord injury or dysfunction, they may benefit from our comprehensive medical and therapeutic inpatient program. Our interdisciplinary team has years of experience developing and tailoring treatment plans with the unique physical, developmental, educational, and social needs of children in mind.

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2022 Outcome Data

Kennedy Krieger Institute offers an individualized approach to treatment that is based on an interdisciplinary team model. This model enables our team to monitor and review quality of care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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