This training focuses on tools for managing children with problem behavior in the classroom. Specific information on using functional behavioral assessment, function-based interventions, data collection, and working collaboratively with a team are discussed. Special emphasis is placed on classroom-wide systems of positive reinforcement of socially appropriate behaviors such as communication, compliance, and learning new skills.

Training Format/Duration: Classroom/1-3 hours

Target Populations:

  • Educators
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Support and other school staff
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Counselors
  • Speech/language therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists

This presentation is designed to help you:

  1. Implement procedures and environmental supports to maximize positive outcomes for individual with behavior problems in social and educational settings
  2. Conduct functional behavioral assessments to use as a basis for developing individualized behavior plans.
  3. Collect and use data to inform changes to may be needed to ongoing behavior plans.