Whether individuals come to us as inpatients, outpatients or students, the staff at Kennedy Kennedy Institute understand that the individuals and families we serve often need considerable support, guidance and assistance.

The Institute also recognizes that managing medical care for yourself or a loved one can be a huge responsibility.

That's why Kennedy Krieger strives to provide our patients, students and families with the tools and support services that are vital to their success.

Through our Guest Relations Department, our Resource Finder, the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, our International Care Management Office and multiple other programs and services, Kennedy Krieger is determined to do all that it can to ensure that the individuals who trust us with their care have all that they need during their time here.

Our Culture of Care:

Kennedy Krieger Institute recognizes and respects the rights of patients and their families and treats them with courtesy and dignity and in a manner which preserves cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs, and preferences. We encourage patients and families to become active partners in their care by asking questions, requesting resources, and advocating for the services and support they need.