Hospital Charges

Charges are generated based on the services you receive at Kennedy Krieger. For outpatient services, providers select the service(s) they provided, along with the relevant diagnosis

To help families be more informed about their healthcare costs, we are providing a complete list of the hospital’s standard charges for our specialized services. This is commonly referred to as the “charge master.” Kennedy Krieger’s current charge master can be accessed here.
Machine Readable format can accessed here.


Effective April 1, 2020, these rates have been temporarily increased by 10%, in accordance with statewide efforts to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19 on hospitals


In using this list of charges, please keep in mind:

  • While this is a list of our current standard charges, there is no standard patient or treatment, and the hospital charge master alone does not provide a complete picture of a patient’s complete financial responsibility. Additionally, since specialty pediatric services generally require unique approaches and additional resources, it is often difficult to compare the total cost of care with other hospitals.
  • Hospital charges are based on the cost of providing patient care, and both direct and indirect costs are taken into consideration. Direct costs include staffing and equipment costs for the services provided. Indirect costs include building expenses (e.g., electricity, security, environmental services, etc.), an array of services that make procedures more comfortable for children, and revenue cycle expenses (e.g., scheduling, registration, insurance clearance, billing and collections, etc.).
  • Charges listed in the charge master include both hospital charges and physician or professional fees. These charges are separated and billed appropriately through the billing process.
  •  Various inpatient per diem charges listed on the charge master represent an inclusive rate, which combines all normally billed hospital items like room and board, medical supplies and drugs, therapies, and other routine medical services. These items are not billed individually.