Medical concerns might indicate an underlying medical problem and prompt an evaluation by one of the Kennedy Krieger physicians such as a pediatrician, child neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, pediatric gastroenterologist or specialist in pediatric rehabilitation.

Chronic Wound

Effects of Brain, Spinal Cord or Other Neurological Injury

Effects of Prematurity Due to Fetal Alcohol or Drug Exposure

Feeding Issues (Feeding Tube Use, Peculiar Feeding Patterns, Food Selectivity or Refusal, Vomiting, Swallowing Difficulty, Obesity)

Fetal Alcohol or Drug Exposure

High-Risk Infants

Hyperactivity: Medical Concern


Involuntary Movements

Loss of Motor or Language Skills

Muscle Tone Management

Muscle Weakness


Pain (Chronic)

Poor Growth or Failure to Thrive


Sleep Problems

Unexplained Staring Spells

Unexplained Vomiting

Unexplained Weight Loss