Mental Health concerns include psychiatric disorders and other problems with mental and social well-being such as problems with adjustment, anxiety, depression, coping, behavior etc.

These types of concerns are often addressed by mental health social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Abuse/Neglect and Related Trauma

Adjustment to Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury and Degenerative or Terminal Illness (Including Patient, Caregiver or Family Member Adjustment)

Anger Management

Attachment/Separation Issues

Conflict with Authority Figures

Cruelty to Animals


Difficulty with Change

Excessive Anxiety/Fear

Family Relationships/Family Support

Hoarding or Gorging Food

Hyperactivity: Mental Health Concern


Inappropriate Friendliness

Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Issues for Parents and Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Military/Deployment Issues

Mood Changes/Sadness


Oppositional/Defiant Behavior

Peer/Sibling Relationships

Risk-Taking Behavior

Self-Injury, Aggression or Property Destruction

Separation, Loss and Grief-Related Issues

Sleep Problems

Social Skills Difficulties/Delays

Social Withdrawal

Toilet Training/Bedwetting/Soiling

Transitional/Life Cycle Issues

Unusual Behaviors:*

*Peculiarities of Language

*Perseverative Speech

*Poor Eye Contact

*Repetitive Movements

*Spinning, Twirling, Flapping