Across the nation, nearly one half of the population of children (47.5%) have experienced one or more Potentially Traumatizing Events. In an in-patient pediatric population, this number is even higher. Both the acute and long ranging impact of traumatic stress can create barriers to successful service delivery, and a negative impact on patient-care outcomes and provider job satisfaction. This one-day workshop will develop participants; understanding and knowledge of the impact of traumatic stress on patients and their families. Participants will be supported to integrate trauma informed strategies into routine care, allowing staff to play a unique role in mitigating the negative effects of traumatic stress on this vulnerable population. Additionally, participants will learn the ways that they, as pediatric health care professionals, are susceptible to the effects of traumatic stress and will be provided support in developing a plan to identify and address this. This workshop is appropriate for pediatric hospital professionals and paraprofessionals working with children and their families interested in learning more about childhood traumatic stress, its impact and key aspects of trauma informed care.

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