The Training Academy hosted a series of webinars comprised of virtual 60 – 90 minute presentations by expert practitioners, on trauma topics and related tips and resources for managing additional stress during COVID-19. The primary audience are professionals, paraprofessionals, parents, caregivers and family.

See below to watch the free webinar recording (no CEs) and learn more about the presentation of trauma symptoms in children, tips for managing traumatic stress, and available resources.

Strengthening Caregiver and Child Functioning During Medical Trauma Exposure

Miguel Roberts, Ph.D.

Webinar Description:
The majority of adults and children will experience at least one traumatic event at some point in their lives. COVID-19 represents a new and additional stressor, and a potential trauma for children and caregivers. COVID-19 may serve to worsen existing traumas and stressors for parents and families (e.g., significant illness, accidents, physical or sexual abuse, assaults and racism) and can have differential effects on families.

When a national pandemic is combined with pre-existing stressors and traumas, the combination can have adverse mental health outcomes on both the child and caregiver including Acute Stress Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and substance use disorders. Caregivers serve as a source of protection and support for children and can help to bolster a child’s resilience.

Identifying a means of maintaining caregiver wellness is critical to a family during times of crisis.

This presentation will briefly outline early intervention and treatment efforts, review parental self-help resources and tips for managing stress.

Trauma in Young Children: Managing Symptoms and Behaviors During COVID-19

Jennifer M. Serico, Ph.D.