Every new (and competitive renewal) federal grant application for Kirby Center scanning needs to include a subcontract to Kennedy Krieger Institute to ensure that KKI recovers the appropriate indirect costs for the magnetic resonance scanning. 

Please note that the addition of a subcontract will not change your direct costs (DC)! Even though consortium costs (DC + indirect costs (IDC)) are displayed as direct costs in your grant, the total allowed DC can be increased by the amount of consortium IDC, so that you can still keep the maximum DC. This applies to all NIH grants, including modular budgets. If you have questions about this, please contact KirbyAwards@kennedykrieger.org.

We would be happy to develop a subcontract for you. To do so, we need the following information:

  1. Name and department of the principal investigator
  2. Grant title
  3. In response to RFA? If so: number, name, and date
  4. Grant dates: years, start date, end date
  5. IRB protocol: name, principal investigator, number, the effective date
  6. For each grant year, please specify the number of hours of use for each scanner
  7. Any KKI salary support (optional)
  8. Brief summary of grant (for KKI review; one paragraph is fine)

Please note that subcontracts require review by KKI and that KKI requires five days (prior to the JHU internal deadline) for this review.

Please send all materials to the Kirby Center Grants Management Team.