Our expert faculty, support staff, and advisory network ensure high quality studies in our many research areas. Utilizing these resources, the F. M. Kirby Research Center (FMKRC) establishes a standard for the "best practices" in the fields of data acquisition and analysis for a variety of MRI technologies, including functional MRI, diffusion tensor MRI, MR spectroscopic imaging, and computational anatomy. Kirby Center personnel will work with each investigator to create, define, and refine the customized data acquisition methods needed for a specific project. 

Our research consists of several facets:

  • Science: A scientific overview our image acquisition techniques.
  • Software: A list of the technical tools developed by the FMKRC.
  • Data: We have a few databases that provide data for national research, including brain atlases and analyzed images.
  • Publications: Our many papers that detail our methods for imaging acquisition and analysis.