A note about appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Our patients’ healthcare is very important to us. We are open, and we continue to serve patients and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note: We may be scheduling appointments for some services sooner than for other services. We will work to get you the soonest appointment possible.

Care from the comforts of home

Our telehealth/virtual care program was designed so that our patients and their families may “visit” with their care team from the comfort of home or at an alternate private location, providing safety and convenience during these challenging times. During virtual appointments, patients and healthcare providers use videoconferencing technology to see, hear and talk with each other just as they would do during traditional in-person appointments.

If you already have an appointment, there’s no need to cancel.

Please call the clinic where you have your appointment (the number is on your appointment confirmation letter) to confirm that you would like to come in person, or to change your appointment to take place via videoconferencing or telephone.

For new appointments, we will advise you on how the appointment will be delivered and will provide you with easy instructions for all video and telephone appointments. 

Our inpatient hospital continues to serve patients and is working hard to ensure the continued safety of our patients, families and staff members. Click here for more information about inpatient hospital admissions.

What is Telehealth?  Watch our video to find out more.

How do you know if a virtual care appointment the right choice?

Please call the clinic where you have your appointment (the number is on your appointment confirmation letter) to confirm if a virtual appointment might be an option for your family.


Benefits of virtual visits

During these challenging times, using technology to “meet” with our experts for the first time or to maintain ongoing care is very important. The technology is simple and allows us to provide care while maintaining a social distance.

For a videoconferencing appointment, you will need access to the following:

  • Computer, laptop or smartphone
  • Built-in or attached camera
  • Built-in or attached speaker
  • Built-in or attached microphone
  • Internet or Wi-Fi connection

A Note about Telehealth Privacy

Kennedy Krieger Institute takes patient and family privacy and security very seriously. Therefore, we use only HIPAA-compliant corporate videoconferencing accounts for the delivery of our telehealth services. Our telehealth platforms are far more secure than personal videoconferencing accounts. Your provider will ask you a few safety and security questions before the start of your telehealth appointment to ensure that the session is secure.

To further protect your own privacy, please be sure to safeguard the telehealth appointment information that you receive from your Kennedy Krieger provider, and do not share it with others who are not part of the telehealth appointment. Our goal is for your Kennedy Krieger telehealth appointment experience be private, convenient, effective and cordial.

New Patient

To request an appointment, click on the button below to be taken to our one-page form. Please fill out the form and click "Submit." The information will be sent to Kennedy Krieger’s Care Management team, and an intake specialist will contact you to obtain additional information and assist in choosing the appropriate services to meet your needs. Some clinics will have additional forms for you to complete before scheduling your appointment.


I am a Parent, Caregiver, or Adult Patient seeking an appointment.


Medical Referral

We are here to help identify and provide information on appropriate clinical programs, and to assist in handling referrals to and within, and obtaining consultations at, Kennedy Krieger Institute.


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