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The Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute is located in Baltimore, Maryland, at 707 North Broadway. Our facility includes treatment rooms where staff and parents can interact with children and observe meal sessions. There are two playrooms that are staffed by members of the feeding team.

For children in the inpatient program, the medical floor (with beds and nurses) is located on the third floor. Our close proximity to Johns Hopkins Hospital provides access to expanded medical and emergency services, and is available for patients who require additional medical testing. Parents are welcome to stay overnight in patient rooms where chair-beds are available. There is also a parent lounge located on the third floor that includes a microwave, refrigerator, Kuerig coffee maker, computer, and seating as well as a bathroom and shower.


The Developmental Playroom Team provides individualized-patient supports so that each child can fully participate and benefit from the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program. The Team utilizes an evidence-based approach, founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to promote developmentally-appropriate skills and reduce problem behavior. In such, we encourage participation in a variety of activities and socially appropriate interactions with peers and family members.  We also provide group and individualized support, training, and recommendations to caregivers and interdisciplinary team members throughout the admission to help patients strive for their greatest potential.


For a complete overview of our Feeding Disorder Program, please visit the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program homepage.

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