Children who are in the process of recovering from encephalitis may require acute rehabilitative services to ensure that they can get adequate nutrition and to help relearn skills. Some children may have long-term complications from their encephalitis, including epilepsy , movement disorders (such...


Epilepsy can involve many different types of seizures: Some are easy to recognize, when your child’s body shakes and they become temporarily less aware. Other seizures don’t have any obvious outward signs at all. Epilepsy affects about one percent of children. It is sometimes caused by an underlying...

Epilepsy (Seizure Disorder)

A seizure is a sudden event caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Although most people think of a someone having a seizure as being completely unconscious and shaking in all four limbs, seizures can actually manifest in many different ways. Sudden periods of staring or...

Erb's Palsy

Erb’s Palsy is a type of brachial plexus injury associated with muscle weakness in the arms and shoulders.