When meal times are stressful, it affects the whole family.

The Pediatric Feeding Disorder Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute treats the full spectrum of feeding disorders, from aggressive tantrums to vomiting during meal time.

We work with children with behavior-related feeding issues (including children with autism spectrum disorder) and those with medical issues that make eating or swallowing difficult.

We understand that by the time you and your child visit our program, you have tried many feeding strategies on your own. Our program is here to help you alleviate the frustrations that come with meal time.

Our Approach to Feeding Disorders Treatment:

As a parent, you know there is no one size fits all solution to treating feeding disorders in children. That’s why our program evaluates each child and makes individualized recommendations that fit that child’s — and that family’s — needs.

We use a team approach that includes a variety of specialists to address the complex needs of a child with a feeding disorder. We were one of the first feeding disorders programs to combine medical expertise with behavioral psychology techniques.

Our services include an outpatient program, a day program and an inpatient program.

Learn More About Our Approach

Feeding Disorders Program Handbook

2022 Outcome Data

Kennedy Krieger Institute offers an individualized approach to treatment that is based on an interdisciplinary team model. This model enables our team to monitor and review quality of care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

View outcome data for the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program and learn more about the patients we serve and their experiences at the Institute:

View Outcome Data


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Topic: Understanding Pediatric Feeding Disorders: A Guide for Caregivers

Date: Oct. 17, 2023