Here, you can find information for both current and potential users of the Kirby Center. We have many different facilities, including two 3T MRI systems and a 7T MRI system. Resources are in place to assist researchers in utilizing our four main technology research development areas, namely fMRI, MRS and MRI, DTI, and Computational Functional Anatomy. Assistance is available to guide and train users in the planning and implementation of neurological studies.

Getting Started: Securing Approval and Funding for Scanning
To begin, please view the information and application procedures for researchers interested in using the resources offered by the Kirby Center.

Training Services
We offer technical training for the MR System and its ancillary equipment, classes, seminars, events, and advice on how to plan a functional brain study.

Scheduling Manual
This manual explains details about using our scheduling system.

Authorized users may view the scanner schedule and allocate scanner time for their studies.

Scanner Specifications
A detailed list for our Philips Gyroscan MR Scanners.

Scanner Performance Data
We regularly measure the quality of our scanners by testing the stability with a 15-minute gradient-echo EPI scan on a sphere phantom.

Useful Software
We develop and use several software packages, including fMRI paradigm and analysis tools, CSX/IMAX analysis, DICOM and REC utilities, DTI processing software, and computational anatomy algorithms.